Pani Care – Accessible Toilet

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Mercio’s Rimless Back-to-wall toilets, featuring patented flushing technology that efficiently removes waste with minimal water usage. The 100% water replacement per cycle prevents the growth of bacteria, ensuring optimal hygiene. The toilet’s glazed surface is treated with Hygiene Plus technology, making it easy to clean and keeping it sparkling clean with just one swipe. In addition, the porcelain is fired at a high temperature of 1240 °C to ensure the hardness to maintain a constant shape for durability and also a well integrated hygienic glaze formula for great maintenance, stability and protection of the WC surface from scratches. With Mercio’s Rimless toilets, you can enjoy a more hygienic and hassle-free bathroom experience. Choose Mercio for a cleaner, more efficient, and stylish bathroom solution.






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